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About me

About Kelly Design Company

In Fall of 2011, I started offering my graphic design services through Facebook -  custom invitation designs, party signage, and logo creation. On a whim, I started posting my custom clothespin wreaths there as well. The demand for the wreaths surprised me, and it spurred me to take the leap to an Etsy shop! There, I expanded my product line to a wide variety of things that interested me: kitschy unique handmade jewelry, wall art, and witty bumper stickers referencing the upcoming 2012 election.

In early 2019, I decided to become the captain of my own ship, and leave Etsy for the freedom of my own website. If you’re reading this, you’ve found me at www.Kelly-Design-Company.com! I’m still learning the ins and outs of managing my own page, but it’s been incredibly exciting and liberating to run my business without any interference. As you navigate my page, please PLEASE give me feedback if you think something is missing or confusing - I can only improve with your help!  If you’ve been with me since 2011, thank you for believing in me! And if you are new to my company, welcome!!!

About Me

Hi there! I’m Kari Kelly, the sole human behind Kelly Design Company. I dream up, design, and make every single item here myself (with the small exception of a few designs my very talented daughter has created!)

Born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia “back in the 1900s” as my son would say 😂. I moved to Suwanee in 2005 after marrying my husband Kevin, and we had two amazing kids while living there. Our family of four moved to Flowery Branch in 2014, and we soon after became a family of five with the addition of our last child a year later.

For my “day job”, I work part-time with Signs By Tomorrow in Gainesville - my husband’s father and brother own it, and I’ve been doing graphic design (and more!) there since I was a 19 year old college kid! The skills and knowledge I learned at SBT (mastery of Adobe Illustrator, designing for production, time management, and so on) have given me all the tools I need to succeed in my side business, Kelly Design Company.

Thank you for supporting my business! It’s such an amazing creative outlet for me, and your enthusiasm & joy for my work means EVERYTHING to me. 🙏🏼

Please don’t forget to tag me on IG with your items! Find me at @kellydesignco